pic: Team 987's 2009 Robot

Team 987’s 2009 entry for Lunacy. Turreted shooter w/ traction control, no your typical turret…

There are really only 2 things I can say…

  1. Looks amazing!

2)… Video?..

2)… Video?..

Watch us tomorrow at San Jose :slight_smile:

I’m just going to be honest and say I have no idea what I’m looking at.

i dont understand what the pneumatics do specifically on the sides of the bot.

also i would like to say that is a very cool and original way to do the turreting shooter.

As soon as I got into the pits this morning I rushed over to see that robot, looks great, and the robot seemed pretty good in a practice match against 254. We’re one of the teams that will face them tomorrow in their first match(Match #6), certainly will be watching closely to see exactly how good they are.

Awesom drive train. Their 6WD is going to be a very dominant pushing machine.

Center wheels are just idler wheels used for traction control system…we are using belt drive this year and are pleased with performance of whole system so far. Thought there were enough shooters out there using traditional lazy suzan type turrets;)

i don’t get it, does the upper shooter wheel pivot? is there video or care to explain? :confused:

I didn’t get it at first either (or second or third for that matter). If you look above the plate the shooter wheel is mounted to you can what looks like a hinge that allows that assembly to pivot around.

Now I just need to figure out what the pistons do.

According to what I saw, the pistons control gates inside the vertical hopper that direct the balls that feed into the shooter.
I was most impressed by the smooth driving on the surface. They can follow robots very easily with quick left and right motions. The machine work was the best I’ve seen from them also.

We have a great match against them on Saturday, #44.
359 971 8 vs 766 987 3045

I can’t wait!

But back to the topic, this is a beautiful machine. Hopefully we’ll get to play more with it than against it this season.

the pneumatics of the side of the bot controls the ball feed to the shooter so it does not jam at the bottom, and the one on the front of the bot is for empty cells

very impressive at SVR, I didn’t have any chance to stop by your pit and look at it there, but on the field you guys did amazing, great matches in the quarterfinals.