pic: Team & Coach-Mentor 2017 pins

These are the team pins distributed in each team KOP (on the right), and the Coach-Mentor pins mailed to all team registered mentors/coaches (on the left).

Has anyone else received a damaged mentor pin? Mine arrived in a thinly padded envelope where the spring clasp had rubbed through the envelope wall and was visible from the outside. The pin and clasp are pretty bent out of shape (pun intended) as am I. For all the time and effort that coaches and mentors put into this you’d think that FIRST could make a little more effort in sending these out so they arrive in decent shape (it’s not the first time my mentor pin arrived bent). I was able to bend things back but the clasp doesn’t stay on the pin tightly and I’m afraid I may lose the pin :frowning: .

Isaac (another 3946 mentor) got his yesterday, and reported a damaged pin in some fashion I didn’t fully comprehend.

I picked mine up at the post office this morning, and the pin was bent about 40 degrees and poked through the end of the frog closure. I managed to straighten the pin enough to remove the broken frog and then get it straight enough to take another frog, but that frog in the shipment is beyond redemption.

It is a really nice looking pin, though - a bit of a departure from the logo cycle of the past few years. The color will work well on a steampunk costume, as well…

Mine was bent as well. Was able to straighten it out though. The packaging was pretty poor in my opinion. But hey it is what it is.

same here There was no apparent damage from looking at the package

I highly recommend getting some locking pin backs for your pins instead of the normal backs. Never lose a pin again!

In past years the pin was shipped with the certificate in a large envelope. That kept the pin near the center and probably better protected from the post office mail handling equipment. This year the pin cam in a small envelope at or approaching the minimum size for the post office. This affords much less margin for the letter handling equipment to process them without damaging the pin.

Thanks Jon, never knew these existed…

I got the coach pin but I didn’t get a steamworks pin. Where might I inquire about this problem?

A bag of Steamworks pins was included in the Kit of Parts, check there!

My wife and I both got the cute envelopes the same time (same address). I had a volunteer pin and card in mine; Melissa got just the card in hers. :frowning:

On a related note, the “volunteer certificates” email got me a PDF with some guy named “Your Name Here” shown. If Mr/Ms Here contacts me, I’ll send on the certificate.

Can anybody tell me who should I contact if I didn’t get a pin? I jumped in the season since kickoff but never got mine.

Same with my coaches. They have yet to receive theirs.