pic: Team Data Logging Device

This is very neat!!! This device is used to data log each match and it uses a game pad to input the data. One is used for each bot on the field. Six of these are in the stands with team members inputing the data. The data can then be downloaded and put into an excell spread sheet to present the data in any format you want. Dr. Karen Suhm, one of our mentors, came up with this device and it has a patent pending. She is also a patent officer. It is being tested out this year and may be availbale for sale next year. First teat was at the AZ regional, next will be at San Diego and then Las Vegas and finally Nationals. If you are curious please stop by and check it out!! No more paper scouting and its sortable by what ever perameter you wish!!

Those look awesome! Definitely a cool idea for scouting. I know our team has tried computer and web-based systems, in addition to the old paper route for a scouting network, but all seem to be cumbersome.

I’ll definitely be stopping by in either San Diego or Vegas to take a closer look at these.

  • Jeff

btw - Nice device names - were those attribute based? I can’t quite imagine a ‘sneezy’ box :wink:

(Yes, I get the snow white reference :stuck_out_tongue: )

About how much did you spend on this investment so we can judge about how much they would be for sale? Thats if you did put them up for sale.:smiley:

That. Is. Awesome.


I am not sure, but I think it is about 50 to 80 dollars. I would have to ask the designer. But you would only need to buy it once, they are programmable for each year’s games. With mass production, of course, the price can drop.

We will be glad to show you how they work! Names were just for kicks!

What’s so good about Vegas??? Come to Lone Star and show off your gizmo’s there! We got coughbeautiful*/cough* sandy beaches just miles away??

I love it. Maybe you can post some more pictures later with some pictures on the actual display as well?


coming soon!

Those are nice! Hopefully you can get those out for purchasing next year i am sure alot of teams would invest. Such an easy but effective way to enter data.