pic: Team Daytona (2152) Rack & Pinion Ackerman Steering

Closeup of Rack & Pinion Ackerman steering driven by RS540 Motor and Banebots Gearbox.

What is that circuit board precariously positioned near the outside? IR board?

Is it a line sensor/light reflective sensor?

It’s a perfboard that mounts the pot that acts as PID loop feedback sensor.

A steel pinion drives the steel rack. A plastic gear on the same shaft
drives a plastic gear attached to the potentiometer. The sensor gearing
matches most of the full range of the pot to the full range of the rack to
provide better resolution for the PID loop.

It’s looks more fragile than it is. Its protective cover is removed in the
photo. Perfboard is unfortunately a bit ugly but still works well.

Whats you weight? I see a lot of 80/20. That stuff is great, but very heavy.

We were are 98 lbs excluding bumpers and battery. We expect to come in
around 105 -110, well under the max.

1010 extrusions are relatively heavy at 0.51 lbs/linear foot. But they are unbeatable for strength, rigidity, and flexibility of the non-mechanical kind. We offset the frame weight by lots of lightening in areas where the main structural support comes from the frame.