pic: Team Driven Scouting Center v.1

Team Driven’s way of scouting during the week between competitions. In this particular photo we are watching Florida, Cass Tech, WPI, Pittsburg, and Arizona.


You’ll love Synergy for setups like that.

Thank goodness we don’t have that many teams to watch! Hope your efforts pay off for you Clint.

How does your school’s internet support that? Ours is so slow… I guess it’s just everybody playing Starcraft.

as a rookie team’s member it look crazy


Yeah we have looked at programs like synergy but this was a kind of spur of the moment setup.

Our schools bandwidth is pretty huge and since we were some of the only ones at the school we had it pretty much to ourselves.

The district has something like a 100Mbps (bits, not bytes) connection that is shared across all its facilities. From what I hear, it runs at 100% capacity for most of the day, but if you come in after hours then it’s all yours. :cool:

thats beast

That looks like the setup in my room…lol. 2 monitors + my lcd tv watching all the regionals at once!