pic: Team flow for 2015 PNW District events

This shows how teams move between the 2015 PNW district events. Each of the bubbles is an event. Each column of events represents a week of competition. The lines show teams going from one event to their next. The numbers next to the lines are the number of teams. Whether a line is solid, dashed, or dotted is also an indication of the number of teams.

If people are interested, I will post versions I have prepared for the other districts.

Yes! Please do. Coming from an IOE, this is awesome.

Would love to see the chaos that would be FiM’s flow chart.

This looks fantastic! It’s interesting to see how there are large amounts of teams tiding over from the first events to the last ones. Also, it’d be great to see what you have on the other districts. Personally, I’m interested most in MAR, but it’s all interesting.

2nd for FiM, please.

It would be interesting if these numbers were compared to the time and reciprocal of distance between events.

Thank you for sharing this. It is helpful for planning purposes. Would it be possible to overlay this information on a map? I was thinking if you organized the events in their correct locations on the map it may be easier to read. Although I suppose it may currently be set up linearly with the Week 1 events on the left and following weeks moving right across the screen.

It is in fact set up that way, as stated in the original post.

I’m afraid I’m not going to anytime soon. If someone wants to do this I am happy to provide the data in a tabular form to get them started.