pic: Team Fusion 2008 Spaghetti

Here is what Team Fusion spaghetti looks like.


Your spaghetti is actually organized!


We call our electrical board the rats nest.

We’re lucky nothing broke. I accidentally cut a PWM cable the other day and it took about 10 minutes to replace. It’s sort of organized. Everything has labels.

Looks a lot like ours…

“Trim the pwms” I told the electrical people
“That’s too much work” said the electrical people
“Yeah, well its ugly and you’ll live to regret it” said I
~They lived to regret it :rolleyes:~

I mean seriously. It can’t be that hard…

You should have seen it before we did trim it. We left extra in case we needed it.

Wow, it’s so neat compared to 1124 spaghetti. Or at least 1124 practice robot spaghetti. You need to teach our electrical team how to do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

We start by placing all the required components on the board and seeing how they will interact with each other with the wires. Then we mount all the hardware and start running wire. PWM cables always come last, and are the hardest to get right. Next year I believe it will be much easier with the NI control system for the sensors. Our robot with 11 motors next year would only need 11 PWM cables instead of… like… 30 or more. You’ll still have to run wires, but they won’t be the annoying PWM cables that tend to fall out and cause stuff to stop working.