pic: Team Fusion 364 - Hopper Champions

Our alliance of 148, 1678, 364, and 2990 were unstoppable through Hopper eliminations, setting a world high score of 270 (without penalties) and winning every match. We lost in the Semis of Einstein to the world champion alliance. We are super proud of our accomplishments this year. Being the first team from Mississippi to make it to Einstein, we hope to strive for a better result for years to come. 364!

Congrats to 364 this season !

I was awe struck by the triple climbing alliance on Newton.
Why did you change out with 2990 on Einstein ?

*Hopper :slight_smile:

I don’t know the details, but we were told by our alliance leaders that they wanted to see how 2990 played, and they would choose the best robot to stay on the field. We fully respect that decision.