pic: Team Give Aways

Are these giveaways from 2011 or 2010?
Reasons being:

I didn’t attend this years champs, so im not exactly sure what stuff was handed out this year (if this stuff is from champs)

  • I got an Israel flag like the one in the picture from 2010 champs.
  • Soccer ball key ring at the bottom.

It’s nice to see the 1334 Red Devils firkin in the centre. Do you realize how many thousand of those we’ve given away over the past 6 or 7 years at FIRST events and beyond?

We have so much fun with those little buggers at GTR. We put them everywhere. Even on a Zu Zu Pet we won the night before at Playdium (along with a Cartman that we had ride around on one of the Roombas).
Wasn’t able to get my hands on any this year…

Taking into account the “Good luck at FLR!” item (I can’t tell what it is), I would assume that not everything is from CMP. Also, I think that it’s a collection that spans a few years…there’s an 1189 keychain in there, and we haven’t been to CMP since 2005 and haven’t been out of state since 2008, so only MI participants or travelling volunteers would have them (PLUS, it’s an old-style keychain).

I may be wrong, but is that a set of 217 playing cards that I see?

Indeed you do see a set of 217 playing cards.

I know Steve used to announce the Detroit Regional so this collection is no doubt what Steve accumulated over the years (being that he has to be over by the side of the field all the time he probably doesn’t get too much of a chance to go out and acquire a whole lot of goodies).

Just some of the stuff collected over the years. Just thought I would post so people could see some of their items, guess whose stuff it is and give a few ideas to other teams.

Ed is correct that I have been to different regionals and Champs so they could have come from anywhere.

Cool stuff. Thanks for the info!

Nice koala!

I have a couple of the Da Bears Bears from 2007. We competed against at Pittsburgh and with them at the Championships in the finals of our division.

ya, we stop giving out the big bears in 2007 nice memory :slight_smile: