Pic: Team IFI 2016

Innovation First and VEX Robotics are proud to have sponsored nine FRC teams for the 2016 season.

Team 33 - Killer Bees
Team 148 - Robowranglers
Team 254 - The Cheesy Poofs
Team 987 - High Rollers
Team 1114 - Simbotics
Team 1296 - Full Metal Jackets
Team 2056 - OP Robotics
Team 3310 - Black Hawk Robotics
Team 4613 - Barker Redbacks

Season highlights for Team IFI include 1 Championship Chairman’s award, 5 Regional / District Chairman’s awards, 14 regional wins, 3 division wins, and 14 technical awards.

Congratulations to all of #TeamIFI on a fantastic season!

Way cooler (and happier) than the last Team IFI photo I remember from Champs :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing programs all around! Thanks for being people to look up to!

http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/33866 Old photo from 2009

Poofs gotta be different with their blue bumpers…

Seriously though - this set of teams is the benchmark our team works to emulate. The amount of inspiration stemming from this group of teams and their on and off field accomplishments is immeasurable.

Congrats on another excellent season for #TeamIFI!


#TeamIFI keeps getting bigger ! Hopefully more teams are added in the future.

Dallas has really seen the results with 148, 1296 and 3310 constantly pushing other Texas teams to improve.

So many fantastic teams in one picture:ahh:

This is a club all the cool kids want to join. Inspiration on steroids.

Six of these teams are undisputed powerhouses already, occupying half of the twelve top spots on the ZDP list. Of the other three, one has four consecutive playoff appearances at CMP, and the other two have provided way-above-average inspiration at multiple events, earning high seeds, WFFAs, DLFAs, RCAs, and Regional wins. They are exactly the people you want to meet in the pits, and the ones that hold your attention on the field.

So, is being an awesome team a prerequisite to, or the result of, being part of Team IFI? :rolleyes:

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