pic: Team IFI

A fun group picture… We got a few double-takes from people walking by.

Thanks to Sean Lavery for taking the picture!

Put any three of those bots together and you have yourself a scary alliance. Awesome picture.

Wow, 5 of my 10 favorite teams. Awesome picture, and telling of IFI as a whole :wink:

i love that as you look down the line…
you go from straight faces… closer to a smile… then super cheery smiles from the Thunderchicken drive team :slight_smile:

I love this picture! This picture has some of the best minds in FIRST all together, not all of the best but quite a few. All these teams and their robots are examples of excellence in FIRST. I hope IFI uses this as a promotion, these teams choose the best and use the best. I hope IFI continues this kind of successful backing of FIRST teams.

mmm… sheet metal…

It’s cool to see these top teams sharing a sponsor; their robots are all beautifully designed and built, and it makes IFI look awesome (not that they didn’t already). I wonder if we’ll get to see more teams join the IFI Team in the future?

(and when is Team AndyMark going to start up? :slight_smile: )

If I were running an FRC team that photo would make me afraid.

Is that Jason Morrella in the shades behind the Cheesy Poofs?

What’s required to have IFI as a sponsor?

A mentor on the team who works for IFI?

Now this is a sweet background for the comp. Thank you IFI.

I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure that Jason has less hair than that. Whoever it is is wearing a Pink shirt and blue safety glasses.

Looks like Cory to me.

yeah i believe thats Cory, some of the cheesy poof members were wearing pink shirts on thursday!

IFI has been a great sponsor of Team 1114 for the past two years. The Simbots have many great sponsors, but IFI is by far the “coolest”. All of our successes over the past two years were made possible by the support from IFI. One of the neatest things about Team IFI is the support shown for each other by all the teams. When 217 was on Einstein, the other Team IFI members rallied together to provide strategy and scouting advice for the Thunderchickens. It was definitely a cool dynamic.

5 very ridiculous robots and 5 very awesome teams.

This is really really scary to look at. All these robots are so beautiful. (And the people look nice too). And what exactly is IFI?

I just have a couple questions for yall. Do you guys each build 2 bots by chance to practice during the time between build and competition. Not only were your machines great, but all of your drivers were phenomenal! How long does it take for you guys to finish off your robots? The whole 6 or earlier?
I just figured I would ask since yall are 5 of the top teams in the world.
Congrats to all of yall

They make various robotics components including the control system used prior to this year as well as the Victor speed controllers and Spike relays.

Remember the control system with pretty much no boot up time?

That was IFI

Scary Alliances, not to mention Einstein Alliances.

No knock on 67, 111 and 971, but any 3 of these robots (even though the chances they would be allied is 0 until IRI possibly) would have won it all in my opinion.