pic: Team Intoductions in Waterloo

Me introducing the teams during the Waterloo Regional Finals

The most eeee-lectrifying emcee in all-ll-ll-ll of FIRST Robotics!

(But I really think we need to see a shot of Karthik wearing the plaid skirt!)


That should satisfy for a while.

I’m suddenly re-thinking my opinion on CD-Media.

well i must now try to sleep with the night mares again. :stuck_out_tongue:

For anyone who hasn’t seen Karthik in action yet, prepare to be impressed if and when gets to do the job on one of the divisional fields in Atlanta. I remember his first year, brimming with knowledge and wanting to get the true spirit and story behind each and every match out to the audience watching. That method hasn’t changed, only his delivery has, to make the regionals he announces simply the most exciting and electrifying events that FIRST has to offer. His knowledge of FIRST is as detailed as only someone who truly embraces the approach to FIRST like an approach to sports can be. There is always an underlying plot line, an act of fate or a twist of luck that binds at least two teams during a match and Karthik will be the first to point it out to the audience members. He has grown from someone who just delivers the team names and the sponsors and the stories behind them to someone who puts himself in the very place of the story he is delivering, which just makes the experience all the richer.

Also he does enjoy wearing the occasional skirt, as everyone so loves to point out :rolleyes:

Karthik just because you wore the skirt doesn’t mean we don’t respect you less. It just makes for a good show and a heck of a laugh afterwards.

At least he’s not a true Scotsman.

you know I’m starting to wonder if he actually enjoys wearing a skirt… I must say Kathik it is very becoming

I hope you all know you are insulting an entire nation by calling that a skirt… it’s a kilt! :smiley: :wink: