pic: "Team is a well-oiled machine" -348 in the Boston Globe

A blurb in the Sunday edition of the Boston Globe about 348 and their success. If you read it, you’ll see that there are some errors, but an intern, not the reporter who wanted the story, wrote it. I am, however, quite happy with the photos. :wink: :smiley:

(The full, non-cropped, color photos are somewhere on my Flickr.)

Apparently FIRST now only stands for “Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology” instead of standing for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.” :rolleyes:

Catching typos is so fun. :smiley:
Very nice article. Especially impressive that you got into the Boston Globe to.

It’s funny, our newspaper around here wouldn’t do a decent story (if one at all) on us if we won the FIRST Galactic Championship (Yes, as in a Championship for the entire galaxy; Bring on the aliens!!), let alone anything else. :o :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations guys! :slight_smile:

I didnt know we were from Alaska :smiley:

Hey at least you got some coverage.
Was watching our 24hr local news this morning and they did a 30sec burb of Champs in national coverage.
Also saw a short piece on CNN about FIRST so main stream finally taking notice. :smiley:

-p :cool:

Someone once said… no news is bad news. :rolleyes:

A trivial typo. At least they’re not making up Acronyms like “The Foundation for the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology” in this horrendously written article.

Great Job 348. All in all, one of the better informing articles on FIRST I’ve ever seen.

Apparently, we have a new tag line “The Superbowl of science fairs”. Some sort of combination between “SuperBowl of smarts” and “This isn’t your father’s science fair”. Should have just went with the new George H.W. Bush tag line “Like the WWF, but for smart people” (what are the odds a diehard WWF fan is reading this section of the Boston Globe?)

Either way congrats 348! It’s truly amazing that a few weeks ago you weren’t even going to Championships. Now, you are Einstein Finalists with an article in the Boston Globe. :smiley:

Edit: The article is actually better than many I’ve seen, even ones where the reporter called me several times.

Could be far worse. Nifty that you got in.

When the school newspaper did an article on us I wouldn’t let them go to print before I had proofread the article… We haven’t gotten mentioned (yet? hopefully) in anything bigger then that. Next year maybe. :slight_smile:

Great Job guys, that is a pretty nice article, my team is working on something like that too…

FIRST is the “United States Foundation for the Inspiration of Science and Recognition of Science and Technology,” so that’s not so much of a fictitious acronym as you might think.

I was going to say…

There’s a reason the FIRST website is usfirst.org.