pic: Team Kika Mana (368) Dislodging the Ball

Team Kika Mana (368)'s machine, “Hawaiian Electric”, dislodging the trackball from the overpass by using their polycarbonate flipper. You can see video of our robot during the elimination matches here. Scroll down to the bottom and click the “Watch Video” links.

Did you ever try picking the ball up from the top? It’s not that hard with a roller-grabber system. It saved us a lot of time.

Kika Mana’s bot always elicited cries of “That thing is a beast!” from me at Oregon.

That is one awesome bot!

Yeah… it was like the ball didn’t bounce off that thing!

The lift was cool enough, the auto was good, but man… what a gripper!


P.S. How long DOES it take to fly from Hawaii to Atlanta, anyways?

That’s one of things I liked about your robot. Unfortunately, the design of our forks makes it impossible for us to pick the ball up from the top. However, we have our polycarbonate flipper to make up for it.

One of my teammates said that the last time he checked, it was nine hours non-stop from Hawaii to Atlanta. Hopefully the flight won’t be too bad as it’s only 2-3 hours more than our flight to Portland.

Hey Congragulations guys!!! I watched the videos and your bot was AWSOME!! there are no words really to explain it. Congrats

What a fantastic performance in Oregon! Congratulations for winning the Championship and the GM Industrial Design Award. See you in Hawaii!