pic: Team Neutrino 3928 - 2017 Robot

3928 Presents our 2017 Robot: Tremor

-6 Wheel Tank
-12 fps

Fuel manipulation:
-Floor Intake
-Through bumper
-3 fuel Wide drum Shooter
-Currently shoots at around 7 balls per second
-Fuel Hopper and Elevator
-3 fuel wide polycord belting elevator and hopper agitator for quick feed
-Expanding Hopper by extending gear manipulator
-60-70 Fuel capacity

-Spinning Drum with hooks to catch rope

Gear Manipulation:
-Flap to determine receiving gears or fuel
-Currently passive placement

Changes and additions are before our next competitions.

Questions are welcome!

Robot Reveal Video is available here.

Looks amazing and Great Video!
What kind of plastic hose is that in the front you use to pick up the balls and how effective is it? Right now my team is using surgical tubing but it moves all over the place yours seems to stay in place nicely.

For the Elevator and Agitator, we are using 3/16" round urethane belts from McMaster Carr.

The pulleys were 3/16" round grooves cut around an 1/8" deep into 2" solid UHMW rod.

These belts work great for moving the balls quickly throughout our robot. When the belts run, they jump out of their grooves from time to time. However, they slip back in right away.

Great video and bot!
May I ask what is the shooter drum made of?

The shooter roller is made out of 80A Durometer Polyurethane Tubing. The tubing is 4" OD with 3" ID.

The Polyurethane is on a sleeve of 1/8" wall 3" OD 6061 Aluminum. End caps on the roller adapt the inside of the aluminum tube to 1/2" Hex shaft.

We had some issues with concentricity of the roller, so we devised a method to sand the roller down on the lathe.