pic: Team Neutrino 3928 - 2018 Robot

3928 Presents our 2018 Robot: Cyclops
Robot reveal video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgn2kDG7Mb0

-8 Wheel Tank (4 omni, 4 colson)
-10 fps

-6 wheel compliant
-Powered by 1 775 pro

-2 stage cascade
-Powered by 4 775pros

-Powered by two 300 lb gas shocks
-Ability to carry one additional robot

More details are available at: http://www.teamneutrino.org/seasons/powerup/robot/

Changes and additions will happen before our competitions. See you at Iowa and Seven Rivers!

Questions are welcome!

Looks sharp and can’t wait to see you at Seven Rivers! The question I have is your auto characteristics: what are they?

Cool robot! Looking forward to see it in Iowa.

Very proud to see Neutrinos going strong and building solid robots.

Best of luck this season guys,


Autonomous is still work in progress, but we are ambitious with what we will be able to accomplish. I’m looking forward to seeing your robot in Wisconsin.

Obrigado! I’m excited to see your team again at Iowa.

Thank you! I’m excited to see whatever crazy things 971 does this year.

Hey, I found the missing Vice Grips! :wink:

Six second mark of video.

Clean looking robot.