pic: Team No. 1002 The CircuitRunners 2005 Robot


So what do we all think? and more to come on circuitrunners.com (later this week)

So … how did you figure out how to wire that bad boy

pretty nice
Obvious question :
Does the arm extend as well? My guess is that it rotates and can slide out along the arm to get to the top goal?

is that an omini drive ??? or how is this drive train set up???

very interesting structure

good job though–good luck

Yup. It’s omni drive. We have 4 wheels at 45 degree angles around the octagonal structure of the base. The arm is telescopic…one stage in one direction and 2 stage in the other (hence the end effector on either side). There are lots of other goodies packed in there (mechanically and electrically). The pictures does not show a lot of detail, but we will have more pics coming on the CircuitRunner site.

Oh…we were 117lbs at ship. We have weight on there that can be easily taken off. That leaves enough for our protective paneling and whatever else will bring us up to 119.9 :slight_smile: .


Really don’t know how the arm works but the drive train its FAST!!

The arm is pretty much a square tube inside of another with a rack running down it. I think this is by far the best robot we have built to date (considering we only have two other robots to compare to).

Yeah I am very proud of our robot this year. Last year was my first year and we won our regional, so that was a great way for me to start, but I think that the design process behind this year’s robot was much better. Everything went a lot smoother this year, the drive train amazes me, and the arm seems like it will be very competitive. Thanks a lot to all our mentors and all the other people on our team, it was a great build! I can’t wait to get to competition! :yikes:

See you at Peachtree and Boilermaker :eek:!

When I think about how much everyone worked on the robot, it just amazes me. Everyone has something they can engrave their name on as being THEIR system, and there are parts that deserve to have two or three names on them…I love it.
We were up til 6AM trying to finish on ship day…and pretty much did, so I am very pleased with our robot being done before the deadline…for once.
It will prove fun to drive this thing…

Wow, our teams and robots are strikingly similar. This is our team’s 3rd year/robot and we won our regional last year too. Here’s an image of our robot a few days before ship date: 1212’s Robot We’re running on 4 omni’s and have a telescopic arm, but it only opens in one direction :frowning:

Are you using a winch or pneumatics to extend your arm? If so is that the motor on the end of your arm? Why two directions? And what’s that horizontal bar for?

Rack and pinion makes the arm expand

Cableing makes it rotate and a pneumatic piston for extra support (its got some insane torque)

Note on arm: It owned 2 people in 2 seconds around midnight on sunday yes i was one of them and it was all on camera…

Two directions well you have 2 types of goal height… so one end is only for the smaller of the 2… and a higher res ver of that image can be found Here

Van-door gearbox moves outer arm, globe gearbox moves inner arm.
That bar you see is a door handle :smiley: .

Oh, the extruded and pvc are obviously end effectors.

i didnt get to work on the robot much this year but from wut i saw durring srimmage, i praise the robot. love the omni drive!

team 1212 - how does your omni work exactly?

To answer an earlier question, wiring took a lot. We have over 200 crimps (for ease of length change, short wires off speed controllers, spikes, etc and the controller, then put the length needed between. We used a lebeler to label everything though, so most of the wires are very easy to trace for troubleshooting :). This is my first year, speedbuggy basically tought me everything as we worked. I would also like to know how the omni drive works for the other team that has it.

Wow the electrical sounds like a b!tch to debug… Labels… hmm good idea, why didn’t I think of that?

Doesn’t it work the same as ours? Two wheels go forward, two go reverse, low friction gives most of the power of all 4 motors in the forward direction.

Our wheels work like traditional omni-wheels. They aren’t at 45 degree angles from the sides like yours, so we really only have 2 motors for any given direction if we’re pushing using any of our sides. We were thinking of using AndyMark’s converter to put 2 motors on each wheel, but the time and weight required didn’t meet our needs. We’re fast and graceful, and our team has a bad history of getting into pushing matches, so why bother? And I really don’t want to see any harm come to those thin plexiglass panels I helped make ;p

Oh, and our wheels are custom designed. Each omni-wheel has 112 spacers, nuts, bolts, washers, wheels, and hubs, each hand assembled, tightened, and filed. We ordered the smaller wheels from the blue book but the supplier ran out, so abou 1/3 of our wheels don’t match :ahh:

This is going to make me sound like a dunce, but what are rack and pinion?

very interesting design… :]

A rack is basically a gear with infinite radius. It’s a straight line of teeth standing up. The pinion is the gear that meshes with the rack. By turning the pinion, you can move the rack along its length. Its a method for converting rotational to linear motion.

I think this robot brings the count of known holonomic drives this year to 4: 1257, 1002, 1212, and 1083

i love that pic…

we are going to be very competitive this year…