pic: Team Numbers in Stadium

This was taken on Saturday, shortly before many of the numbers were taken down. From the viewpoint of the Achimedies field.

Our kids had to go covert to get around security to put the banner up. I guess they just eventaully gave up stopping people from getting up top or they are easy to get around.

I thought about it thursday when (I forget which team number) put there number between newton and archie (i forget the field… It was the one with MOE) in the stands… I wanted to go up and “take it to the heights” (<---- woot BCs quote of the year!)… But we realized we didn’t have any fancy bags or anything and couldn’t go to the store :frowning:

Did anyone get in trouble with FIRST or get charged for the cleanup of their displays?

Yeah there was an announcment telling all the teams to take the numbers down and a few teams did it but most didn’t. I don’t know if antone was charged for it.

I saw workers walking around the upper decks cleaning up the signs during the finals.

I also some kids who must’ve thought they were real funny when they threw the materials making up a bunch of the signs all over the place.

I thought the signs were creative and very cool.


Some of our kids and mentors snuck up and snatched the banner during lunchtime on the last day. After all the work put into it, it would be unreasonable to let it be thrown out.

I was very amused by the “w00t” I saw and the random man, i think it was…just above newton ((i think it was newton…maybe curie?))

Maybe it wasnt a man…someone know?

Was it the Circuit Runers logo?