Pic: Team ORBIT 1690's Robot

This is our logomotion (almost) finished robot! :smiley:


As you can see in the video, we chose a different approach than all other teams we’ve seen so far.
Feel free to ask questions and say what you think of it.

Goodluck to all teams, and hopefully we’ll see you in saint louis!!!

Very nice. Looks rock solid and very maneuverable.

looks pretty awesome. A question: it seems pretty front heavy (or back heavy depending on how you look at it). Do you have some kind of counter-weight in the back?


That is all.

The robot’s driving mechanism is a pretty heavy one and the battery is sitting in the back. Plus the electronics are 1 inch away from the ground, So it has a pretty low center of gravity and it seems pretty stable.

Wow. That’s tall. :eek:

It looks plenty fast. We had difficulty spinning with our elevator at full extension. The drive base had a tendancy to rock with a skid steer. Since your elevator is always extended to full height the swerve drive was a nice choice to compensate. It turns much more smoothly than I expected. I wonder what defensive contact will feel like with such a tall mast…?

The robot is very stable.when we motor only the back wheels it can turn sharply with great ease.our driving system allows us for a great variety of driving configurations such as 90 degrees to the side movement and motoring only the back or front wheels.since we only motor the back of the robot it counters the great weight mass at the front allowing us for smooth movement.