pic: Team Overdrive #2753 NJ Regional Winners

Team Overdrive NJ Regional Champions,

Many thanks to our amazing alliance partners 1923 and 2344. You guys were awesome to play with.

Thank you to everyone that volunteered and made this great event possible.

Blue Banner number 1: Check
Rookie All Star: Check
Rookie Highest Seed: Check

Congratulations guys. We loved running with you in the finals. Keep up the good work, and good luck at NYC next week. We’ll see you at Championships.

Congratulations on winning on your debut!!

Tyler, I told you not to worry about “earning” those awards. Well done, Overdrive inspired me in my FVC days and they continue to inspire me today.

Highest Rookie Seed? Try Highest Seed possible.

What are you guys planning for an encore?

Lol, I guess they should have called it that,

Hey wondering did anyone else go 13-0 this weekend?

It’s too bad your first FRC win was rewarded with a mini trophy.

Here’s to hoping they will go back to the non petite variety next year.

45 did

Ya, there basically the FTC ones but black.


I was proud of you last year as I watched you become FTC World Champions, and I am even more proud of you this year for such an AWESOME FRC feat!

Congratulations Overdrive! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

The coolest thing about this picture is there is only two team members NOT holding an award. Great job 2753!

Congrats on an amazing feat of winning a regional as a rookie with an undefeated record no less. Good luck at your next competition and I look forward to seeing you in Atlanta.

Congratulations, Overdrive! You put on a great performance throughout the week, both on and off the field. As soon as you hit the field everyone knew you were the real thing. What people who weren’t at NJ may not know is that not only did you field a great robot but you also helped several other teams fix their problems. It was a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to seeing you in Atlanta. Watch out world, this is a sight you don’t want to see across the field from you!

Congratulations!! Rookie success (read: dominance) is always something I enjoy seeing.

Nice timing with the picture having “A special thanks to: our Audience” on the back screen made me :smiley: Seems like it was just one of a number of things that went right for you guys at NJ.

GRR will be looking for you guys at Championship!

Congratulations!! I knew that you would have great success your first season out of the gate.