pic: Team Overdrive 2753 Scoring at NYC

Picture of us power dumping during a match at the New York City Regional. Both the NJ and NYC Regionals were great. It has been such a great year and we are looking forward to Atlanta.

Not a sight you want to see in your rearview. :cool:

Nice picture Tyler!

EWCP FTW! Congrats Tyler on winning a Regional as a Rookie.

Not to mention kicking the butts of a bunch of veterans including us. I want a rematch dude, I think we could take you now. :cool: NJ was us touching the regolith for the first time, I think we’re up to a level suitable to compete with you, hehe. Can’t wait for Atlanta man.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Btw you totally stole RC’s tensioner design XD, only now its in purdy colors.

BRING IT! :smiley: I will destroy you with gracious professionalism! (ripping off Mark Leon with graciousness)

Yes, it is in a pretty color, but hey Andymark does not make one for size 25 chain and mcmasters $30 dollar one is a rip off. It was also a fun project on the mill.

Awsome pic. It would be nice to be partnered up again with you guys.We had a lot of fun. Maybe we would be in the same division.:smiley:
P.S. Where are you guys staying in Atlanta?

Nice visual effect with those graphics. Can’t wait till you guys finish that sporty robot cart. The ease of picking up and delivering moon rocks is key to the Team Overdrive design.

Pretty fast too. Need to catch-up to MORT’s speed. They were a hair faster in NJ.

Get to work. Atlanta will be tough.