pic: Team Overdrive's #74 robot

Photo taken at the NJ FTC Regional. Good Luck to all teams! Can’t wait for Atlanta!

First FTC robot to win 3 regionals in one season
First FTC team to win 2 regional inspire awards in one season

Insane robot. See you at Atlanta!

For what started life as a prototype bot it really has surpassed all of our expectations! From our first event at ramp riot to the NJ regional the bot has stayed very much the same.

It is simply and amazing robot. Great drivers + great robot= 3 victories:D
Awesome job guys.

I have been with FIRST for 10 years now, been to countless FRC Events a few FTC events and even fewer FLL event but never have i been to a competition looked at a robot and said… WOW so 74 while i may not be anyone special, know you are the first FIRST team to make me look at a robot and think everyone better pack up and go home cause its over

congratulations to everyone on team 74. you guys did a great job at Delaware and we were happy to compete with and against you. Good luck at Atlanta.

I’m would hope to be in your division this year, and to have a chance to see this robot live in action. But I don’t want to face you early in eliminations again this year (after Penn and Atl last year), so I’ll actually hope we face in the finals between two divisions because you’ll be nearly impossible to beat =S.

Consistant 14 rings = 42 points

Hopefully, hey you going to PA this year?

We decided not to go since we already qualified to Atlanta. Plus half the team is going on vacation due to march break.

Its really too bad because PA is probably the most international tournament this year, with teams from US, Canada and Singapore.

Anyways, have fun volunteering at PA. Take lots of pictures :smiley:

Btw: any interest in coming to York Region Invitational?

I dont know… I will have to talk to my team.