pic: Team Paragon 571 2010 Final Breakaway Robot

This is our final 2010 Breakaway Robot named “Scurvy”

Our robot features a 6 wheel teeter drive with two IFI wheels and four AndyMarks… This years robot features two kickers that have the capability of kicking a ball up to 24ft… also the kickers have a dribbler system to handle the balls while we drive… the final weight is 119.6

Looking good this year! Do you guys have any videos of your robot?

I agree; it looks good.

And yes, videos?

I was wondering why you didn’t have a bot at the Suffield Shakedown scrimmage . . .

if you go to our website you can see some teaser videos of our kicker… but i’m pretty bummed that we couldn’t get any videos of the robot before we shipped… also the reason we we not at the Sufffield Shakedown because we were up till 4:30 the morning of the Shakedown… we were having problems with our drivetrain that have finally been fixed… so we will see you guys at WPI and CT

Another goalie robot, cool :yikes: we’ll see you in CT, good luck at WPI!

Our 'bot:

/shameless self promotion

yeah… actually our strategy is to start in the middle zone and when the opposing alliance scores a goal, is to get under the ball returner and let the balls hit our ramp to our scoring zone… being the drive we have been practicing getting over and in the right position under the ball return… we can do it between 5-7 seconds… hoping to get it in under 5

Nice, we’re going to try that too if we ever wind up in the midfield, though the practice field we had access too didn’t have a real ball return :frowning: our drivers are pretty darn good this year and I don’t think they’ll have much of a problem.

yes… having good drivers this year is going to be key… i mean, driving wildly around an open field, or racing around a track just don’t take as much skill as this year will