pic: Team Paragon 571 Final Chassis

Team Paragon has completed their first aluminum chassis. If I do say so myself, that is one good looking chassis.

nice checkerboard table. i have one like that too

Nice going with team colors! 1073 <3’s you 571… we still remember a couple years ago at Connecticut, we’ll be there again this year!

At first I thought it was made of legos. I like it. :slight_smile:

Yes we will be at the hartford regional

Thats exactly what i thought too!

I love the colors. Your design looks pretty solid as well. Nice work.

Not “holey” enough for Lego. They will probably drill a few holes though - and some for the feathers, I suspect. :smiley:

Haha… We actually will not be drilling any holes this year. So far with our prototype chassis we have about 20lbs to play with.

This is a first for Team Paragon.

i’m actually a little sad to see you guys not using a wood chassis anymore…

Joe, from the mounting I see on the frame, this looks like a 4wd robot. Is that true, or is Paragon using their usual 6wd this year?

Love the colors by the way :slight_smile:

well we have gone away from that finally… lol… but we will miss it

we are doing 4wd… Mecanums too be exact…