pic: Team Paragon 571 Logomotion 2011

Team Paragon presents “Blue Cyclone”

Minibot not pictured in photo or video. Will be ready for regionals

Questions or comments

See you at WPI and CT

I really want to see this bad boy with some red bumpers!! Hahaha but seriously, sweet robot

Is your entire electrical system in that upper box? cool idea!

Blue Cyclone?

As in, the meanest wrestler the ring has ever known? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kUHsFpZKsc

It really doesn’t look as good in red bumpers. I will post one with red bumpers now.

Yes. We have been doing it that way since 2007. It started out as our “ElectroPneumatiquarium” because it contained all the pneumatics parts (Compresser and air tanks) But in the past three years it has just been the “Electroquarium” It’s a neat idea. The judges love it, and when mechanical needs to work on the robot when electrical does, the whole lexan shell slides out for easy access.

You nailed it. I really didn’t think anyone would get that. Every time they introduce us, the team will shout “BLUE CYCLONE.”

I want want want want WANT to hear JonDarr Bradshaw announce “Blue Cyclone”… That would be Epically Awesome™.