pic: Team Red Can Hang!

At the Kettering District Things got ELEVATED!

that is absolutely EPIC! and omg 27 has the coolest way to hang ever lol

Too bad only two of those robots are ELEVATED.

3358 doesn’t look above the plane there, or is it hanging off of 27?

Edit: Chris is me fastposted me there.

27 should add a sign on the bottom of their robot that says “Hi Mom!”

This was definitely a bittersweet moment for my team, being on the other alliance when this happened. Our whole student section’s jaws dropped when we saw this happen.

Fortunately this came out to a tie though, and we all enjoyed our 21 ranking points :slight_smile:

33 hangs similarly to 27, except we had it working on Thursday and 27 didn’t have it working until late Friday/early Saturday.We do put signs on the bottom of our robot, and change them every match.

3398 Didn’t get get all the way up but hey there rookies :slight_smile:

Yeah, 3398 may have hanged, unfortunately part of their robot was caught under ours so they couldn’t :frowning:

that is absolutely insane… even though only 2 of the bots were completely elevated it is an awesome picture

This happened to us quite a few times at the finger lakes regional, about a couple millimeters, until we got the “hang” of it. (yes that was intended)