pic: Team RUSH 27...2009 Robots

Comp and practice robot.

Robot can load from the floor or the Hp.

Turret with camera tracking and motor speed adjustment based on camera data.

Rotating cylinder with 3 chambers…each chamber can hold 4 moon rocks.

Traction control plus a whole lot more.


I’m glad to see someone built a revolver this year.

It was a real toss-up between a revolver and a double-barreled shotgun on our team :slight_smile:

How fast can you unload a “round” of balls?

pretty sweet guys, cant wait to see it compete. :yikes:

Good Luck!

Sick Bot, loving the revolver chambers. How fast can you shoot and how consistent are you guys. A vid would be killer and killer job on the 2 bots. Can I have one?


How fast can you unload a “round” of balls?

About 2 balls per second. There is also a few seconds of delay while the chamber revolves and loads the next four balls.

The bumper mounts are in place, but they didn’t make it on for the photo.

Sweet looking robot. Looking forward to seeing it in action.


Slick bot Anthony, glad to see the final product, up until now all Ive seen are some blurry camera phone shots from Mike.

What is the range on that shooter? Rotation on the turret? It looks like an upgraded version of the 2006 turret.

If I know Barch at all hes got some scary stuff cooked up for auton.