pic: Team RUSH 27 Hanging at Kettering

Here is RUSH hanging at Kettering.

Picture taken by Daniel Ernst taken at the Kettering District.

That is an awesome hang!
9.9 for difficulty
9.7 for style
9.5 for engineering

All I have to say is wow.

I enjoyed how “BAE SYSTEMS” is clearly visible, right side up, on the arm. Clever placement of the logo.

Any specs on the robot? Weight comes to mind… also how quickly it takes for the bot to get up?

Best of luck to you at competition.

That is way too cool!

Side question: Why is there no black tape on the ball return side of the tower? Am I missing something?

We’re Michigan, we don’t need no stinkin black tape. We know not to touch.

Actually, I’ll bet field setup just forgot it.

I looked through the rest of Daniel’s pictures (which are here if anyone didn’t know) and I can’t get enough of this robot. You guys have done an amazing job! Any chance we could hear more about how the kicking mechanism works?

That is an incredibly intimidating picture and robot. How long does it take to you to successfully hang?

Theirs takes about as long as ours, which is around 6 seconds max to get all the way up (less to get above the platform). They seem to pick their robot up higher (to put more mass forward of the arm sprocket to prevent backdriving back down?) then us. As for the complete time to unfold and hang, ours is probably larger because we must position the robot close before moving the arm, since the arm drives the center wheel articulation in our chassis and without that wheel down we can’t turn. At the 20s call, we run over, line up, deploy the arm, and flip, with around 4s to spare. Look for an improvement on that time in the future. As for 27’s arm, they have a 6wd drop center chassis that does not articulate like ours does, so they can deploy earlier.

Speaking of 33 vs 27, how do you guys on 27 power your arm? We have a CIM with around 800:1 through a DeWalt, Toughbox, and chain reduction. You guys seemed to have a lot more bungee than us (we have none), do you have a f-p for your arm or something? I didn’t get a chance to look at it.

Our kicking mechanism is powered by surgical tubing similar to our '08 catapult. In fact, the idea for this kicker is nearly identical to that catapult.

We have spectra cable attached to our kicking arm which is then winched back to one of several positions determined by driver input and pot position by a fisher price (I believe it’s the FP, not 100% sure).

Inside the gear box is a dog gear, which is actuated to allow the winch to free-spin, releasing the force from the stretched surgical tubing cartridges made using pneumatic hose clamps and connectors that are then attached by carabiners to the kicker and a stationary point on the back of the robot. We have four of these “cartridges,” made up of one surgical tubing loop and a carabiner at each end. Each cartridge is rated to 50 lbs of force I believe.

The dog gear is actuated by a cam that’s spun by a window motor.

We also power our lift with a CIM, and I’m not sure on the ratio. I’ll try and find out to get back to you.

It will do the lift without surgical tubing, the tubing is just in place to give it a little extra help.

27 was a super cool machine to watch play. This is especially true after they started using their lifter on Saturday.
Very strong machine that the team should be very proud of.

You should put sponsor stickers on the bottom of your bot. Or something else. Make it more fun!

If you’re interested in seeing more pictures of our robot we have about 500 that were taken by one of our mentors’ dad.


that is $%#@ insane that is one of the most coolest lifters i have ever seen congrats on that succes, man that looks sexy…