pic: Team RUSH 27 T-Shirt Launcher Freeze-Frame

We took video of our T-shirt launcher a while back and as I was going through the videos on my computer, I scrubbed to a random frame in a video I found and this is what it was paused on. Thought it was pretty cool. This shot ended up hitting the other side of the track on the other side of the field.

Are you sure that is a T-shirt? It looks like one of Exploding Bacon’s pigs.

You know, oink oink boom!

I don’t suppose that thing would be able to, oh, I dunno, hit a certain house in Overland Park, Kansas, would it? :rolleyes: Amazing picture.

As Team RUSH is about 9 miles away from Truck Town Thunder, it’s more likely that they would hit us! :wink: