pic: Team Rush - Choose your own adventure!

Two robots in six weeks…

both running both complete, just put one in the box!

six wheels
two speeds
two jointed arm
multi-mode hooked grabber, aka TPU - scores higher than three tetras on center goal!

navigates with hall effect sensors and gyro package, feedback on everything else including the hook.

one word…



Those are amazing robots. Yet again Team 27 has an incredible arm. What motors/ gear ratios (after the Dewalt XRPs) are you using for the joints? Amazing organized electronics, and that autonomous program selector box on the front is sweet. Great job you guys!

By the way, the kid’s playmat is a nice touch.

You know how the song goes:
I love…
…playing two hand touch.
…eating way too much.
…watching my team win…


Another great robot from team 27. I’m almost happy you guys pulled out of Rochester, just so we don’t have to compete with that beauty! err… beauties…

Every year I look at a RUSH robot and think “Wow… I would never have thought to do that like that.” In my book, you guys are one of the epitomes of “elegant design”. This is another impressive machine.

Good Luck,

Ah! You guys changed your grabbing device! We were basing our redesign idea off of your previous picture for a brief time. I guss it didn’t work out, so it’s a good thing we came up with another idea. ;p Great looking bots!

wow that is pretty sweet… and you have two… dam…

wow!!! way cool you guys!! i with we had the capablity on our team to do that. great job!!

did you guys build them at the same time or finished one and started the other???

They look amazing, I love the 6 wheels and the arm looks great.
Good luck.

I’m going to go ahead and guess that the one on the left is the one that shipped…the wires on the arm look a little bit neater and its got that extra brace.

Thanks for all of the kind words.

This year we tried to make the assemblies easy to remove. We tried to make it as clean as possible. There will still be some cleaning up of a few things on the first Thursday at the competition. We will probably be putting on a few shields and such but all in all its pretty much done.

We put the robot on the left in the crate last night and will finish the one on the right tonight. We basically have been building both of them at the same time, with the practice robot always being ahead by a few days. We used what we learned on the practice robot and applied it onto the competition robot when that section came up. It was nice to be able to work on all of the assemblies separate and then put them all together.

Most of the robot was done in CAD or Inventor before we started. We all planned for the spaces we wanted and worked out the details.

Anthony will have to answer about the output gearing the numbers escape me right now.

I can’t wait to see all of the robots in person. See you all soon

Ya, the one on the left is the one going into the crate…right about now! Anyway, we built them both at the same time. I am extremely proud of this team especially seeing what we accomplished with only 12 students on the team. Everyone put their heart and soul into it and it has paid off! Cant wait to see everyone at the competitions. :smiley:

sheesh. when are you going to clean up the math side? :smiley: actually. they look good. the competition bot (left) looks amazing. i like how anthony waterjetted the arm. it looks amazing. as for your electronics board jimmy… you and aus did an amazing job on it. i cant wait to see the rest of it at detroit!

what material is that on the curving base of the arm? Is that going to be enough protection? Is there anything else protecting it?

I believe that you are talking about the aluminum tubing on the end of our arm? Anyway, it is like I said some 3/4? I forget the specific size, aluminum tubing. It is actually part of our grabbing method, the “hoop” stabilizes the tetra once we have it grabbed with our hook. It is surprisingly strong and take a hit, but we will be making spares in case it happens to get crushed or something :wink: If thats not what you were talking about, then the only other thing I could think you might mean is the turret at the base of the arm.

If thats not what you were talking about, then the only other thing I could think you might mean is the turret at the base of the arm.

The turret at the base of the arm

The plan is to put polycarb around the whole turret about 6" high. It will be attached in such a way that it will remain stationary and the turret will rotate inside of it. We plan on putting the numbers and lights on it. We will also be adding poly on the front and back to better protect those areas. We are somewhat under weight so we have some to play with.