pic: Team SCREAM 4522 2016 Robot- Tempest

Just wanted to say this robot looks incredible! Great job 4522 and good luck at all of your events this year!

It looks great! What kind of drive train are you guys using?

Thanks guys!

We are using a custom swerve drive with 4" wheels. Here is the link to the reveal video:

Great looking robot as always 4522! I really like that you put that swerve drive to use. That strategic decision is going to pay off if you evade defense and score as fast as it looks like you can. Also, love the flags on top for visibility. I think we are going to see more and more robots with similar flags over the coming weeks…possibly even ours. Thanks for the inspiration.

We are looking forward to seeing your machine in action next week at the KC Regional. Good luck to your team! It is obvious that you went #AllIn this year.

Really nice robot!
What material are you using for the pole on your flags?
Keep up the good work

We bought ATV flags from this site:


We also bought a spring mount like this:

The spring mount was far too rigid so we went to Lowes and bought another spring and custom turned a plug to press fit it in the spring that was better suited for us. It is the same exact concept as the one I referenced above.

We then mounted this spring base to an angle bracket on the side of our poly-carbonate shields. You can kind of see the mounting application on the picture that the OP provided.

They work great for us and we love the visibility that they provide. They also help us square up on the defenses better because we can see them over the tall defenses.

Hopefully this helps

I dont know why I though you folks were competing in Hawaii this weekend.
Was looking forward to seeing this robot.

Team 2522 from Washington is here for our event.


I wish we were in Hawaii this weekend! We are headed to Lubbock for the Hub City Regional. Texas is almost as good as Hawaii though!