pic: Team Social - STOMP


The Palmetto Regional social was full of games!

First we played STOMP…

You all know that S.P.A.M. started that two years ago! haha That was fun. I didn’t play the last two years though. Does anyone remember last year when it was raining and people were sliding across the slippery surface? Those people were crazy. Keep up the STOMP@Palmetto tradition!

I was at the social but we left to eat.
Probably a stupid question:
What is STOMP?

STOMP is the game we were playing… you start hands in and then you scatter and then there are rules to how many steps you can take but the object is to get people out by stomping [or just stepping]] on their foot before they get yours.

It’s the real reason why you should wear closed-toed shoes to competitions :wink: .