pic: Team Standards from Robopromo

Robopromo is offering a professional solution to your Team Standard needs with a customizable team display on the front and a history patch display on the back. Shop our kits and raw materials at robopromo.com. Link below:


This looks like a really nice product, I just have a couple of questions:

  • What material are the standards made of?
  • How are the edges finished?
  • What type of iron on vinyl are you using?


Good questions. Thank you for asking. The material itself is 200 denier nylon. The pieces are CNC cut and the edges are heat-sealed. The decals are standard iron-on vinyl and come in white or black.

Send us your own artwork and team numbers and we can cut them and send them to you or apply them for you in our shop.

Looks awesome!

What was the final weight using the nylon?

What kind of standard vinyl? Is it Digi-Cut, Siser, Chemica? Hot peel, cold peel? matte, semi-gloss or gloss?

The different brands have different qualities to want or avoid, and make a huge difference in durability due to use. Also if a team decided they might want to layer another vinyl on top they might need to know brands as many don’t play well together and result in some oddball melting and running colors, or poor adherence.

The vinyl is CNC-cut and is semi-matte. It can be layered (plays well with others).

Thanks, I’ll let our local teams know that aren’t on here often!

Is there any limit to the size of the decals?

The only width limit is the width of the material, which is 12" (FIRST regulation for the team standards).

Would you be able to do a standard in a custom color like orange?