pic: Team Titanium 1986 - 1 of 4

Iso view of our 2009 bot. It’s roughly 95% completed. Just programming and little aesthetics left to do. The other 3 photos are details of certain parts.

Looks great guys!

so how accurate is that catapult and how fast can it empty its clip (hopper), neat design. Good luck this year.

you guys should put up a video of ur robot plz. it looks really cool and my team wants to see it working

That base looks like an equipment stand:


If it is, I give you extra points for smart use of an inexpensive, readily-available component. If not, nice robot anyway!

When we get both cylinders firing, its extremely accurate. The elevator is the bottle neck, but the catapult can fire about 1 ball per second.
I will work on getting the video up. We just wanted to wait till the very end to post any pics or vids about the robot