pic: Team Titanium 1986 - 2016 Robot

Our robot, STANLEY, for the 2016 Stronghold season.

I really wish I could find out some in-depth info on that tape measure climber.

We don’t compete at any of the same events this season so I can’t come see it up close.

We prototyped some similar concepts to that climber, but none ever got completed enough that they will be on our robot this season.

PM me with questions.

Like the Wheels, what are they?

8" pneumatic mountain board tires on AndyMark pneumatic hubs.

I like the autonomous modes. Our robot can do 5 defenses in autonomous (All but C and A). Our robot can do A defenses, just not in auto. Your robot seems to do the A defenses with no problems in auto so that’s great. So the catapult has a multi stage stop mechanism. Reminds me a lot of 118 in its design. Great robot and I wouldn’t be surprised to see you with blue banners. Good luck at your events. Climb mechanism was pretty cool. Ever have issues with tape measure falling over? Thanks.

The tapes can buckle if the driver is overzealous, but they are stable with normal movement. We are aided by the rule against contact in the final 20 seconds.

This. Is. Genius.

Great bot, one of the best I have seen so far. Again, Team 1986 impresses.

Question: how did you vary the distance on the catapult to shoot at different angles?

In 2013 we started mating cylinders together to create a four position system. We repeated this concept in 2014 and have found it useful yet again. This year the two cylinders we stacked are the same length so we only have 3 positions. We fire one for a close (short) shot and both for a far (long) shot. Flow controls on all the ports help tune the shots.

As an example you can make out a set of paired cylinders in the bottom right of this 2014 pic. One cylinder rod points up while the other one points down.

Our other thread had a similar question and answer.

Great bot as always guys. Your team always puts together some of my favourite robots each season. Just saw that we’ll be seeing each other at Smoky Mountain Regional. See ya in Week 5!

What kind of rope are you using for your winch/hanger?

I always love the designs 1986 puts out. Thanks for the inspiration!

Want to thank 1986 for showing 1108 this idea in 2014 so this year we have a pneumatic-height control on our intake/manipulator with four heights using the same method.

Creative programmer on our team has named the four height buttons on our console from lowest to highest: dungeon, stocks, gallows and Rapunzel.
Going with the castle theme…

It is braided spectra spearfishing line. 550 lb capacity and only .060 dia. The brand name is “SPEARIT”, available from your local spearfishing store.

We are using a lot of spectra on our robot this year, mostly 1/8" diameter. It’s amazing how many uses it has once you figure out how to splice and use it properly. Probably my favorite building material at the moment.

How did y’all drive those tape measures? And which ones did you use? (I don’t need to tell you this, but that machine will dominate wherever it competes!)

Awesome robot as usual Titanium! It was great to see it in person at the scrimmage and we are looking forward to watching you in action next week at the KC Regional.

It never ceases to amaze me how 1986 finds innovative ways to solve complex problems. Also, having seen this machine up close, I was really impressed with how you fit everything in such a compact bot. That is a feat in and of itself.

Best of luck to you!

The tapes are driven by a enclosed motorized spool of our own design. It is approx. 6" in diameter and driven by the snow blower motor. We used the best ones! :smiley: