pic: Team Titanium Coaches Gift 2014

Gift given to Team Titanium Coaches by the students at the 2014 end of year Banquet.

Now that is a cool gift for Mentors/Coaches.

Is it laser engraved? Nice piece of work.

Woah! This is epic! Nice piece of work. :slight_smile:

Congratulations to the students for fabricating such a nice gift for their mentors, definitely very cool, and well earned.

Pretty impressive display for just four years. I really like the idea. Will have to share with our awards committee.

Yes. The students did the work in the school’s wood shop.

The picture is missing another gold medal from 2012 and 2014 to capture all 4 years. Found them in my car and added them this morning. :o

Great idea and execution! Looks really nice.

I was curious, however, what are the dimensions of the wood plaque?


12 x 16 inches.