pic: Team Unlimited's Gear Shifter

This is a picture of our newest robot. We had a lot of free time recently, and felt we should build a chassis that has a new and improved gear shifter (better and before than the year before!).
Team Unlimited would like to wish the best of luck to all FIRST teams for the coming competition season!
For information on last years competition chassis / gear shifter, feel free to check it out at: http://eaglevex.syraweb.org/GearShifter.htm.
~ FTC 1, Team Unlimited

P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the team through the site, or email me, PM me, AIM me, or MSN Messenger me. BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE!

What sensors are you using in the back of your robot?

Pretty sure they are using optical shaft encoders to detect axle rotation.

how much vex do you guys have!?!?

That’s what I thought, just wondering if it had anything to do with stopping the motor that changes the gears.

I think it would be best to use a real servo with a limited rotation and exact position for shifting the gear, instead of a motor…

all in all amazing design! very cool!

I really like how it shows the complex notion of gear changing in an easy to understand way…


How did you guys get those three gears in the back flush against each other (cut off protruding edge or just different gears?)

You got it, they would have had to grind down the edge.

isnt that illegal

Rule <R9>](http://www.usfirst.org/uploadedFiles/Community/02FVC/FVC_Documents_and_Updates/2007_Quad_Quandary/2007_FTC_QQ_Manual_Section_4A.pdf) gives a list of which parts can not be modified, and other ways things can not be attached. Taking parts and modifying them is allowed, otherwise a team would not be allowed to cut metal.

that is cool,but do you guys have a problem with the gears grinding as you shift. or do you stop,then shift. Just wondering?

There design is shift on the fly but the can shift stationary. The rack and pinion make much it smoother. I dont know if you can see it or not they also beveled the gears with a drill and sandpaper.

o yea i see that now thanks.