pic: Team1504 Terrible tower

Top of the terrible tower

I spy with my little eye… ORBITZ BALLZ!!!

Is there a reason the jackshaft is cantilevered and not supported on the other end?

In many applications, you can get away with what they’ve done. They have a chain pulling up and a chain pulling down, which means the net force on the shaft is far less than if you had a chain pulling in a single direction.

Oh how I miss Lunacy…

DeWalt…<flash back to last season>
Team 2410 used a DeWalt drill casing with a Fisher-Price motor to wind up our kicker.

Hey, if you can get away with it do it. I conveniently did not show you the photo of the repair I had to do when the 1 1/8" hole for the bearing did not line up. Using steps drills is fun. Bonus now my team has banned me from Cheesin the frame anymore.

Btw it’s supported by two 1/2 flanged bearings from AndyMark.biz, and JB weld.