pic: team222badbrad (0222)

Whoops did I reveal our secret use for surgical tubing…

This was at our end of the year party in the summer.

I am the one on the left holding the water balloon launcher.

My brother is on the right and camtunkpa (Cliff) is pulling the launcher back.

Also Jeff and Frank are in the background, both P&G Engineers.

I know it looks like I had an accident, but that was just a misfire however; I am sure some of you would have an accident if you saw how fast and far this launches balloons. Especially if a water balloon was headed straight towards you.

PM camtunkpa if you want to know how bad it hurts to receive such a hit…

NOTE: there is a second launcher on the pavement…

Items used:

Wouldn't you like to know.

Let me give you a little hint, the one thing we used has something to do with toilets.