pic: Team6025 First Robot Baby

It is our first robot for Off-season in Turkey (December 2015)

Is that a 2016 robot? Cause I think that’s one of the first non-Ri3D robots we’ve seen that’s not low-bar compatible.

Reminds me of one of the robots from the Turkish aim high offseason event this past year.

It looks like it would be a robot for this year. The chassis looks to be either the 2015 or 2016 chassis. Seeing as last year was stacking totes, I’d be confident saying that they are using it for stronghold, and not launching totes across a field.

Plus, 6025 is a rookie number. :slight_smile:

(Maybe rookie numbers should have to be painted in yellow on the bumpers, like race cars have the rookie stripe.)

Huh, a rookie from Turkey, no less. I actually hadn’t registered they were rookies… I’d say they might have borrowed someone’s Rumble bot, but that’s unlikely coming from Turkey.

Looks like a good bot, there. Maybe the low bar zeitgeist is just a US phenomenon, and that’s why that poll is terrifying Karthik.

Aww it looks like you guys are one of the few Turkish teams not coming to NYC. Either way looks great guys!

Is this related to the team the Turkish team that was supposed to show up at NJ a few years ago but couldn’t because of Visa issues? If so they have been trying to get here for quite some time.

No, we are not. 6025 started in October 2015 :slight_smile:

Turkey’s first Off-Season event was held in December 2015. This robot was for that event.

Yeah, we are rookie team. This robot had maden for Off-Season event in Turkey. What you see is not yellow bumpers, it is our pallet truck for our robot.

We are rookie team and this is our robot, not someone elses. May you explain your last sentence if it is possible, please? We can’t understand.

Thank you so much! We are going to Alamo Regional in Texas :slight_smile: We are really excited for our first event :smiley:

Awesomeness! Love the baby on board sign, lol.