pic: team696 teaser of the Drive Train.

hello and enjoy.

I expect this to be going on an armored vehicle of some sort and not your robot corrent?

That looks really cool. Looks a lot like the gearbox we got this year, except a lot lighter and hella lot cooler. Is it 6WD? And thanks again for the thread and the tether.

Cough swerve cough


Also, a gold star goes to anyone (not from 696) who recognizes the gentleman on the laptop in the background. (hint, think MER)

Actually, it looks a whole heck of a lot heavier.

Sanddrag has been dropping hints of “six” everywhere, so I’m going with a gearbox for two chippys, and a FP on either side.

Chris Voorhees, Mechanical Systems Engineer. My kids watch those NASA MER videos all the time. My favorite is “Entry, Descent, and Landing”. Chris appears in, “Impact to Egress”.

for everyone saying it looks heavier then the kit GB…
take a look at the pen sticking through the GB, it doesn’t look like the aluminum is really that thick.
Is that machined out of aircraft grade aluminum?

Yeah… now that I take a look at it the mounting holes on the bottom plate fit 2 chips and an AndyMark planetary perfectly to a single gear. I thought the taper on the bottom plate was for a wheel if the GB plates were part of a swerve drive. Wow… the six strongest motors in the kit all to drive…Break out the pneumatics for the manipulator :stuck_out_tongue:
Just kiddin. Great job 696 :wink:

that white-out wasnt there for nothing, huh?
haha :cool:

That’s at least 1/4" aluminum plate, and it looks a bit thicker. One of those plates is almost definitely heavier than the kitbot gearbox casing.

Is that mounting holes for 3 CIM (or AndyMark planetary) motors?! If that’s correct, I can’t imagine 3 CIM/FP motors going to anything but the drivetrain. The only type of drivetrain that could use 3 of those combined is a swerve drive powered centrally, no?

Edit: oops, it could just be a 6 motor skid steer. See below.

Why only a swerve? Why not a normal skid-steer bot? Originally my plan was to have a 6 motor drive on our robot, but the team wanted a swerve instead…
Anyways, with these year’s motors, 4 CIM’s and 2 FP’s, that’s a whole lot of power.

Oops, my mistake, I forgot that 4+2=6.

Do you all really think we are putting all those motors (and those ones) in the drivetrain? C’mon what does that leave for our huge arm. Two position pneumatics? No way.

Hrmm, you know I really like the PTO on those old military jeeps.

EDIT: And yes, that is 6061 T6 511 “Aircraft Grade” aluminum.

I’m sure there are some teams (cough) Martians (cough) who will use the CIMs and FPs.

If you’re using some type of power take-off, doesn’t that mean you have to power the drivetrain in order to power your arm?