pic: Team93FIRST (0093)

Okay after four months of having my senior pics. I fineally found somebody to scan them (thanks Katie)

A little about my self…
I am 17 and a Senior on Team 93 out of Appleton Wisconsin.
I lead animations and I have been the human player in the 2002-2003 competitions, I also coordinate strategy and scouting.

I am a soccer referee and am the youth head for soccer in Appleton.

I play bass both upright and electric and love being with my friends and being on the computer. (If you ar ever in the mood for a whooping in CS let me know)

My AIM sn is SoccerRefFreak
MSN tman_86@yahoo.com
email gm_tyler@yahoo.com
yahoo tman_86@yahoo.com
webiste www.geocities.com/tman_86
best game in the world (especialy if you are interested in risk)