pic: Teams 111, 1114, 2056, and 494

IRI Championship Alliance

Is there an extra 60 points for lifting two people above 12"? :wink:

Good picture of the best alliance I’ve seen in a while. Those semifinals and final matches were crazy! Any time you start a story off “So we were in a match against 111, 1114, 2056 and 494,” I suspect people will shake in their boots.

I told our drivers to relish the moment win or lose because their is rarely a time you will be playing with and against such a high concentration of amasing teams.


But what’s the penalty for a human touching a robot? :wink:

Congrats to these teams, btw. 2056… amazing! Winning 3 of 4 competitions they competed in, all with team 1114…

111 was amazing! Scoring spoilers in the last seconds of many matches, with ease.

Probably the scariest alliance I have ever seen in person.

Probably not, since I doubt Isaac and Matt weigh as much as a single robot together.

A clearer shot of the picture exists here, if anybody wants to see it.

It was absolutely scary how easy they put those last minute spoilers on, their drivers were amazing! I think I saw at least 2-3 last minute spoilers by 111 in the elims.

If anyone had told me that those 4 were going to be on the same alliance before IRI i would have told them that they were crazy.

Great job to all 4 teams.

I think they should have left the banners up until after the winning alliance got their photos shot.

It’s funny, that was EXACTLY what I was thinking while taking the alliance photos.

This alliance is quite mind boggling not to mention I knew after alliance pairings that they were the winners. I called it. Congratulations to all 4 teams it is a very humbling experience watching the quality of your robots as well as the people on your teams because they are so great. Keep up the amazing work. Dan you could not have put that any other way to your drivers.

To all the 111 Crew, congrats. We didnt bring home the gold at WMR, but seeing you pull it out at IRI was amazing. You deserved it.

To my simbot friends: 1114 is one of the teams i most look up to. I was glad to see you guys in the winners circle here. Karthik and Derek have helped me to learn a lot of things about FIRST, and seeing them earning their first IRI championship was awesome as well.

2056- Rookie sensation cant even begin to describe you guys. Great job, great robot, and a great team to be around.

494- Out of this world. You guys were great.

Congratulations to all.

I really liked seeing 1114’s ramps deployed and used, they were pretty crazy and the lift time was surprisingly short.