pic: Teams 330,910,1270 vs 71,179,233

Teams are getting ready for the final rounds.

This looks like a render.
I like it

At first, I thought you meant BIG team number vs BIG team number (example 71,179,233 aka 71million 179thousand 233) :yikes:



I had to read that twice to get it… but that would be hilarious! We could only wish there were that many teams.

We are a rookie team, 1991, and I’ve always wondered when that number would seem like a low number. Like a number 365 seems low to me now, but I’m sure at one time it seemed like a large number.


We USED to be a low number, now we’re a middle number, soon to be a low number again.

Team 648 was once 309… that was 1999 and 2000… much fun. At least we dropped the name from that year (Fab Five).

its pictures like these that make me wish we had little hot-wheels-like models of FIRST robots that people could buy and like paint different colors then simlulate a match with… haha

robots like that look cute when they’re that small (thats right, i said cute) :slight_smile:

You mean FIRSThammer ?:smiley: