pic: Teamwork at Mayhem

This is only ONE of the times throughout the event where I saw teams working together. Team 108, 233, 1029, 1251.

Other teams that helped who aren’t in the picture… team 179, 744, 1029, 1902.

this muct have been moments aftet i did that upside-down back bridge thing to get the ramp in place. and then off to the first aid kit again for scraping my shin open. the modular field is nice but first realy needs to put a bigger “break all sharp edges” on there prints for the field.

Impromptu Caption Contest:

BILLFRED: Hey guys…set up the field for me, and I’ll “miss” a few penalties.

-end submission-

JK, everyone. Billfred isn’t that corrupt… he he. (I hate being bored in class).

However, again, I must say, very innovative in the field design, guys. I like it!

The Cancuck

Tytus I don’t think FIRST expects to have people climbing inside and other neath the ramp frame lol. On a more serious note the teamwork at Mayhem was awesome, here is just one example. After all the rain Friday many teams left or were just sitting inside when we started takeing down the field. I was put in charge of taking down the field electronics as I was in charge of putting them up as well. Anyhow, getting back to my story Andy and Josh from 233 come up to me and they are like what can we do I gave them instructions and before you knew it I looked around and every single student that they brought down to Mayhem was helping out. Finally, we made short work of that job and were able to jump over to the Game design committee and back to workshops that were being held.