pic: Teaser from First Team 971: She's gonna be lighting fast

This is what 30 kids with some donated computers, a few SolidWorks seats, some basic CAD training, and a burning desire to build a robot can come up with.

The team should be real proud of their work so far.


minibot? other than that great job I wish we had a CAD team

That robot looks beautiful. Not sure if you should keep that motor in the back exposed though.

Looks beautiful, keep up the good work! Looks like there may be a few too many layers though.

I believe that is the front. I agree though that that motor is just asking to get smacked by something. Otherwise, really cool, I’m a fan of the small wheels.

you guys mean battery?

No, the battery is in the back. The motor you are seeing is the motor for their roller claw.

o wow didn’t see that…ya plz change that so we don’t get a yellow card we don’t like those

The plan is to pick the tube up, and then immediately pull the claw inside our frame perimeter again so it is protected. More protection for the motor may also be called for.

971 is the new West Coast powerhouse.

Are those the big muffin fans over the CIMs to cool them down??

Looks great 971. Very similar in design to ourselves, as I’m sure it is many other teams throughout FIRST.

Good luck!


Be sure to design a cover for the front! You definitely do not want something falling into your cRIO.

Beautiful CAD!


Electronics haven’t been finalized yet, but that is definitely something we will be taking into consideration.

Just curious because of the angle of the CAD file, is the claw within the frame in that posistion? I’m taking that this would be your starting position. Also, how heavy would this be?

In your experience have you found this to be noticeably beneficial?


If I recall correctly, last year, between matches, the drive team (on occasion) would have to lift the hood and “fan the CIMs” by hand.

The muffin fans seem like a great idea.

I am curious as well. Have you (someone from team 971) done any quantitative testing to see if there is significant difference in CIM motor operating temperatures?

The claw is currently out of the frame perimeter, but not by much. It’s easy to extrapolate where it would be inside the frame perimeter.

CAD claims it weighs 110 right now with batteries and bumpers. I bet it’ll creep up to 120 - 125 lbs. We’d like to keep it light so that it accelerates well.

When running our 2009 robot at demos, the student driving the bot noticed that he was getting what seemed like over twice the runtime once fans were installed.

Also, when running practice rounds, the fans make it so we can run more matches per set period of time, since the bot doesn’t need to cool as much.

Interesting, may be worth setting up a couple during our testing and seeing if we can come to some kind of conclusive results. The one thing with the CIMs is once they get hot, they stay hot for a while, so preemptively cooling them seems like a good idea.

Thanks for the info!


Anything to cool the motors down is beneficial for a performance bot. With our tall gearing for top speed the motors draw a significant amount of amps. We noted that during practice sessions the fans do a good job of increasing air flow around the motor casings to reduce the heat.

We have installed thermistors on our motors and monitor the temperature from the operators station. The fans are mostly to extend the run time before the motor over heats.

If we can figure this out our robot may have Jaguar controlled automatic speed shifting.