pic: TEASER - MOE 365 Robot Name

The "Miracle Workerz" always have a name brainstorming session during this part of the season to select our robot name. We thought the FIRST community might enjoy seeing the creative names our team members came up with going into the vote.

I vote for MOEzilla and PyraMOE.

I like MOEzilla and TerMOEnator

yes… there all funny go terMOEnader

Lines 54-60 are empty. Looks like you need some MOE ideas for names…

yes :wink:

What, no “Flaming MOE?”

Note: The above was a Simpsons Reference. I don’t know what you were thinking about…

Other rejected suggestions:
MOE Problem!
Say “MOE” to Robots!
MOE Fear
Lawn MOE-r

MOEing for Soup
Sugar MOE, Fiesta MOE, Gater MOE, Orange MOE
GreenMOE, Alabama

I like …

I, MOEbot

I think you should go with EskiMOE in honor of this year’s midwest/east coast blizzard(s)! :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta go with pneuMOEnia - you’ve already got the color (phlegm)!

In honor of my hometown, I say KokoMOE :smiley:

TerMOEnator is my favorite.

i like MOEzilla the best. :smiley: I, MOEbot is good too.

I, MOEbot and (new idea) shMOE. Great names - thanks for sharing them :smiley:

How about:

I love all these ideas some are really funny, also the blank lines were for write in votes, we wanted to make this a democratic as possible.

petek Gotta go with pneuMOEnia - you’ve already got the color (phlegm)!

thats just like the judges at J&J last year when they mispronounced our team color as a [insert nasty word starting with S here] green by mistake during the awards ceremony. Keep the names coming…

My top two choices:

Lines 4,11,12, 20, and 22 I think reflect the design of the bot. Tank drive, tread or six wheel dropped middle wheel.(locoMOEtion/hexaMOE…11,12, 20, 22) Long arm (giraMOREraffe…4) Not super descriptive if these are hints at all.
I am probably looking for clues way too much. :stuck_out_tongue:
Man… I have it bad for F.I.R.S.T. :smiley:


I think I like MOEzilla and TerMOEnator the best, but some of the others could be really good if they went along with your robot somehow (like what Henry_222 mentioned).

we decided on the name at the meeting last night

it has the letters MOE in it

It is not MOEmoney

Oh god, don’t tell me 384 and 365 are going to have the same bot design again!

MOEjo MOEjo MOEjo MOEjo yyeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhh :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: