pic: Teaser of my Project

This will give you an idea of what I’ve been working on for the past two years. I finally got to the point where I am certain it will be finished.


I call the Beatty card. +71 National Championships.

Looks awesome. When will we be able to see the finished project?

right now, So long as I don’t run into any major projects that need to get done school wise…the entire project will be done in at least a week or two.

The part that will take the most time is the rule book, but I swear its easy game to learn. I’ll probably make a video to explain the rules too.

An idea that randomly popped into my head:

If a homebrew TCG were formatted such that the cards were business card sized, one could print them onto business-card-perforated paper and pop them out really easily.

Then again, scissors aren’t that hard to operate, either.

This idea made my day. I must look into that.

Competition Card: Chain Break.

Your robot now wants to turn left.

Speed -2.

This. Looks. So. Cool. I can’t wait to play.

Forget to close pneumatics valve. Player cannot use articulation next match.

We had to ban other CG’s like Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh from our shop because students were spending more time on the games than on work assignments…

Then this comes along…NOW what do we do?!? We can’t keep them from playing this! Nothing will get done…THANKS!!! Might as well cancel the season, since no one will want to build a REAL robot!! :wink:

you could hope for the spirit of FIRST to flow from the cards to the students and let them realize there could be better things to do at the time and wait to get lost in a game…


what program did u make those cards in?

Photoshop 7.0 :smiley:

O.O get cs3!! haha

but they look good anyway, despite the outdated tech. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you need any play testers :slight_smile:

Yea…I probably do need cs3…but the one aspect of this card game is that you don’t have to use my frames. You can design your own card look, as well as your own cards. (I’ll get to that part when I reveal the entire first set.)

I wasn’t going to go into deep playtesting, but if anyone is willing to take a really good look at it and really find broken cards and level out the playing field than I’ll gladly finish the set even faster for one or two people to look over.

ill help with testing, BTW, we get to make our own cards!?!?! thats awesome!

Those who want to playtest should PM me. Looking for both with CG experience and without.

And yea you get to make your own. It wouldn’t be in FIRST spirit if you couldn’t make your own. Of course there would be an official list of official cards so those who want to play fair can.

I think I’m spilling out too much info…I should finish this sooner than planned.

niice work there tetraman. i like the idea of business cards, could make for easy production of said cards.

LOL It’s like War Hammer for FIRST :-p

CMU Cam sees Sodium Light - You must roll 3D6 to see if Autonomous Completes
Requires a 14 or higher.