pic: Teaser of the Iron Lions' 2017 robot: Close Call!

Many near disasters have happened this season, so appropriately our robots name is Close Call!

Love that intake/ball handling mechanism, looks very clean!

We built a similar mechanism for last years game but didn’t make it nearly as robust as this looks (and regretted it later).
Does the top of the feed double as a shooter or is that located elsewhere? Also, how do you keep your polycord lined up (especially on that front intake that looks like it’s just a smooth roller)?

The front of the robot is only used for collecting and climbing. We used a curved tool in a lathe to put grooves into our tubing that the polycord runs in.

And they stay in the tracks? We 3D printed some very deep-grooved pulleys and still have the cords popping out.

That is one sexy intake.

Yeah we don’t have issues with tracking. We cut around 1/8 -1/16 into the tubing. We also keep our polycord tensioned extremely tight, which helps keep them aligned. And yes the intake is very attractive, emeraldstorm.

I tried to get my team to build an intake but well we dont have one