pic: [Teaser]: When Vex meets Tetra

Wait, are those tetras? And goals? And part of a Vex robot?!?

Since when did Wayne Szalinski got a hold of tetras? :wink:

starts planning how to mount a CMUCam on a VEX bot


A++ for the “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” reference. :slight_smile:

I’m intrigued what those are made off, straws? thin copper pipe? hmm…

How tall are those Vextras?

To me, it seems that its a photoshop/funky perspecive thing. I may be wrong though.

They are actually made of 1/2" CPVC pipe, with clovers made out of 1/8" Lexan. They are 1:3 scale, so each side of the “Vextras” is 10 inches long. They look so funny when they are side by side with full size tetras. Here are some pictures of the goals and the tetras:

The white tetra in the last picture is actually a mini magnetic tetra and can be hung from the mini regular goal.

How easy is it for a VEX robot to manipulate a 1/3 scale tetra. It seems that that might be a little bit much for such a small robot, especially being able to reach high enough to cap one!

Last year on my team, we were trying to manipulate this game with our EduBot kit and some spare K-Nex, well even with tetras made of straws from our local cafeteria at about 6 inch pieces held together by zipties around the end proved to be a challenge, not the weight that is… it was getting a working manipulator to be able to fit on such a small frame and work effectively. Sure, our design looked awsome, but supplying efficient power to work such a device will come into effect I think. Just think, the backup battery is what powers the EduBot, with the added contraptions and weight of a manipulator really puts a strain on everything, so now add the extra weight of the tetra on the end and the height it has to lift them, it makes them heavier than what they really are. It would be fun if we could have gotten this to work last year, than we could compete this year using that design, of course, rebuilt that is. :wink: